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We specialize in solutions unseen by others regarding structures. We find the source of problems which others miss. We find defects prior to them becoming major costly issues.

- Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction Disputes and Premises Issues

- Failure investigation, premises defect claims


- Building code, workmanship, design issues


- Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Fire Codes


- Water, Radon, Mold testing

- Digital Photography and Video, Thermal Imaging


- Plan Review - Code Compliance - Alternatives

We have appeared as an expert witness on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants many times for nearly 30 years. We have been qualified in many District and Circuit Courts,

as well as Federal Courts, and have never been disqualified. We have extensive references, lists of cases and attorneys available, as well as sample complex reports and plan reviews. We have appeared for builders at licensing hearings,  conducted draw request inspections, negotiated for building and business owners with building officials, fire officials and prosecutors, prepared maintenance forecasts, critiqued multi-million dollar renovations, as well as represented many homeowners in building code and workmanship claims.

Certified Building Inspector -  Residential Rehabilitation Specialist  - Licensed Builder - 30 year Registered Building Inspector, Building Official, Plan Reviewer, Deputy Fire Inspector   

By Referral - Professional Engineer - Licensed Architect - Fire Electrical Plumbing Mechanical Inspectors- Radon/Materials/Water/Soils Testing Labs - Contractor Referrals

President Jeff Bartrem, Certified Building Inspector  
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Former Instructor: Construction Management Program
School of Planning, Design and Construction
203D Human Ecology Building
Michigan State University
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Construction Practices Assessment Team
Building Department Evaluator
International Accreditation Service
International Code Council
Abu Dhabi Project, U.A.E.

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    Can you see the design and construction defect in the home above?  Hint : The steel lintel is not continuous under the arch. So what is carrying the masonry above the window, through the base of the arch ?

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    The parapet is in place as a fire break between buildings at the property line. Other than obviously poor flashing at the chimney, do you see the problem?

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